Thursday, September 22, 2011

Current Thoughts on all the Slendervlogs I've Seen


1. Marble Hornets
Ah yes, the one that started almost everything. The biggest thing this one has going for it is it's story. Sure, the scares are good, the acting is varied but decent, and the special effects are used well, but no other Vlog has this good of a story. For all the nay-sayer's dismissing the creators as "making-it-up-as-they-go-along", I heavily disagree. They have had an exact idea where they were headed from the beginning. If you look at recent entry's, you can see hints to their contents much earlier on. I can't wait to see how it all ends, which will be very soon. (We're waiting for Entry#50 out of 52) The only downside here is the Fridge Logic of why Slender Man doesn't just kill people right away, or rarely does anything at all for that matter. Still, it's a great series, and I'll give it 9.5/10.

2. EverymanHYBRID'
This one is the biggest ARG (Alternate Reality Game) of the Big Three. The viewers are incredibly important, and we move the story along almost as much (and sometimes more) as the protagonists. The characters are all great, and the actors have a good rapport with each other. It is hilarious, and there are several moments that are pure undiluted awesomeness. The story is fucking crazy, and I have no idea how long this one will last. (It could seriously go one for several more years) There are only 2 downsides to it: 1. it is not very scary; 2. it has the worst special effects of the Big Three. Also, the sound quality is generally shit. Still, a very fun series, I'd definitely be safe at giving it 8/10.

3. Tribe Twelve
The last of the Big Three may be my personal favorite. The special effects, editing, and scares are all top-notch, easily the best of the entire mythos. I am never quite as scared as when I click on the link of a Tribe Twelve video, wondering what will be in store for our foul-mouthed hero today. The biggest disadvantage here is the acting and dialogue. Early on, both were terrible, and it was really hard to keep watching. However, as time went on, Noah went from being annoying to hilarious. We kind of just accepted that he talked like that. He has a great in-character Formspring account, and may be my favorite character of the Mythos. Overall, I'd feel completely at ease giving it 8/10.

4. DarkHarvest00
Now we start on the little boys. DarkHarvest00 is my personal favorite of the smaller ones. Some of the scares are really good, and I love their distortion sound for when Slender Man is super close. My favorite thing, however, is the story. They have a really storyline going here, and I love following it each video. I think the characters are all cool, and it does a couple things no other vlog has done. The backstory going on is cool, and overall it has a very cool atmosphere. The only flaws are the fact that occasionally a video will come up and it will be completely filler. Still, I'd do it a disservice if I didn't give it 8/10.

5. Apple Of Our Eye
Quite a dichotomy here folks. On the one hand, I haven't seen a scarier Slender Man vlog. That should count for something right? The problem is: A)The characters are completely forgettable; B)The story is completely boring; C)If the latest video is the ending (as is likely by the fact it is 4 months old) then I am so mad bro. I'll have to try and be fair, because the scares are still fan-tucking-fastic, and give it 6.5/10.

6. Future Refused
I very little known one here. This one has a great premise, and every time the protagonist describes something, I can see it in horrible horrifying detail in my head. Several things they do are quite effective and put me on edge. Stack himself is a cool guy, and far smarter than many other Slender-Stalked. However, it isn't very scary. I was really only scared by anticipation for scary things. Even it out, and I'd give it 6.5/10.

7. MLAndersen0
A very strange series, and in this context that is saying something. Quite scary at times, the acting is good, and the story is going in really crazy (pun intended) directions. Not much to say with this one, just that it's definitely a good watch with a 7/10.

8. The 4 Steps

You know, when I heard this was the only English Slender-Vlog, I was very interested. Sadly that interest is very misplaced. Not 1 second of this series is interesting, funny, or the least bit scary. I would rather watch After Last Season again then this. 1/10.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Russel T. Davies

Okay, so like I said last time I am hip-deep in Doctor Who. Now, as I move from one Doctor to another, I keep hearing things online about Russel T. Davies being "rubbish" and "ruining Doctor Who". At first I was perplexed, so I looked up which episodes he wrote. When I did, I was astounded. I at least like, at most love, all of his episodes. The worst ones for me were "Voyage of the Damned" and "The End of Time". Why the latter? I prefer the Master from the end of Season 3 much better. The powers and new personality really screwed with me, and I would have preferred the villain I love. Besides that the two-parter is golden. I soon discovered why people didn't like him: Steven Moffat. Moffat did many episodes during Davies's run, and has been in control of the series as a whole since the beginning of the 11th Doctor. so I looked at his episodes too, and I liked all of them as well. Why do we have to pick which one is better? I like them both. Also, I so far am really meh with 11. If this is the direction Moffat is taking the show, I would rather Davies be back in charge. Do I hate 11? No. He is a very different Doctor, but still the one and only. I just prefer 9 and 10 by far. Back on topic. Have all the haters forgotten the three-part finale of "Utopia", "The Sound of Drums", and "The Last of the Time Lords"? Those are my favorite episodes of the show as a whole, along with Moffat's "Blink" and Robert Shearman's "Dalek". If anyone can give me a good reason NOT to like Davies, speak up in the comment section.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hey there guys. I just finished season 2 of the New Series of Doctor Who. I have never seen anything DW related before starting this series, and the finale just brought me to tears. Right now I am enjoying the 10th quite a bit, but my favorite will always be Eccleston. I will miss Rose a lot. For ANYONE who hasn't tried Doctor Who yet for some unexplainable reason, go to Netflix and watch it. It is great science-fiction, and now most likely my 2nd favorite sci-fi show of all time (behind Firefly). Sorry for not posting more, but I'm quite busy with life and stuff. Laters.