Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Russel T. Davies

Okay, so like I said last time I am hip-deep in Doctor Who. Now, as I move from one Doctor to another, I keep hearing things online about Russel T. Davies being "rubbish" and "ruining Doctor Who". At first I was perplexed, so I looked up which episodes he wrote. When I did, I was astounded. I at least like, at most love, all of his episodes. The worst ones for me were "Voyage of the Damned" and "The End of Time". Why the latter? I prefer the Master from the end of Season 3 much better. The powers and new personality really screwed with me, and I would have preferred the villain I love. Besides that the two-parter is golden. I soon discovered why people didn't like him: Steven Moffat. Moffat did many episodes during Davies's run, and has been in control of the series as a whole since the beginning of the 11th Doctor. so I looked at his episodes too, and I liked all of them as well. Why do we have to pick which one is better? I like them both. Also, I so far am really meh with 11. If this is the direction Moffat is taking the show, I would rather Davies be back in charge. Do I hate 11? No. He is a very different Doctor, but still the one and only. I just prefer 9 and 10 by far. Back on topic. Have all the haters forgotten the three-part finale of "Utopia", "The Sound of Drums", and "The Last of the Time Lords"? Those are my favorite episodes of the show as a whole, along with Moffat's "Blink" and Robert Shearman's "Dalek". If anyone can give me a good reason NOT to like Davies, speak up in the comment section.

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  1. Dude, you kiddin'? I'll give ya that Utopia and Sound of Drums are pretty boss, but Last of the Time Lords was just a big shit pile that ruined what coulda been a great motherfuckin' story. House Elf Doctor, Jesus Doctor, and reset-buttoning the whole thing away, that's three strikes right there. Also, Dalek sucked, Daleks do not have emotions they kill shit and shit. It was dumb. Not to mention that every single fucking season finale is just a massive deus ex machina. Especially Doomsday, 'Oooh, let's just suck 'em all up in a giant vacuum cleaner!' Retarded, and again ruining what could have been an excellent episode. Though the ghosts were rather a stupid thing too, but eh. They had an episode with a giant wasp killin' folks with pipe. Sure Doc Who has plenty of dumb shit all over the place, but really? That's just really stupid.

    Stay frosty, bro.