Monday, February 27, 2012

Character Study-Zuko

                  Zuko is a tough topic to talk about. The man has more fangirls than every other character in this show combined. (Probably helped by his first shirtless scene in episode 3.) So I want to start off by saying that Zuko is awesome. He is seriously one of the reasons, in my opinion, this show caught on as fast and as hard as it did because of him and his uncle. Their often B plots were so good, and so much fun, that they added to the show by a lot. Having a semi-main antagonist who people can sympathize with and kinda root for is a great way to keep a show interesting, because it makes the show more than a typical Black and White moral play. However, if I ever have to read another goddamn fanfic where Season 1 Zuko is a good guy who dates Katara I am going to punch every Zutarian within a 5-mile radius. More on that topic later down the line. Zuko is awesome because he develops like any other character does. Over the course of the season, he learns to respect his grandfather more, and his need to find the Avatar learns to take a backseat to surviving.

             He is voiced by Dante Basco, also known as the Jake from American Dragon: Jake Long. Fun fact: writing that was the first time I've even thought about that show is 7 years. The guy has some serious talent though, and his job as Zuko pretty much solidifies that. In fact, screw that shirtless scene, I think his voice is the reason that he's got so many fangirls.

           It's funny, because I think no matter how much development the guy goes through, and how many times he switches sides, his color is the same. The dude is very Red, and a dash of White. He is very passionate, and is an individualist. He does what he wants, regardless of the obstacles in his way, even legal ones. The White comes from his sense of honor and duty, which run deeply with his character. The conflict, between what he whats and what he believes he needs and deserves by right, is the reason for his constant changing.
                Overall, Zuko in the first season is a great antagonist, and a large contributing factor to what kept the show interesting.

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