Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Superhero Week-Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

       Green Arrow lives in an odd space of Superhero popularity. If you read comics at all, you know who he is. He is one of DC's heavy hitters, and is rarely without a space on an incarnation of the Justice League. On the other hand, if you do not read comics, you likely don't even know that he exists. The most publicity he's his role on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, and even then he was kinda supporting cast.What's his story?

       Oliver Queen grew up loving Robin Hood and a natural archer, but after being traumatized by killing a deer gave it up to run his parent's billion-dollar company. This changed as a young drunken playboy adult, when we got stranded on a island with only a bow. He got by with his skills, then foiled a heroin ring using the island. When he got back to civilization, he became the hero known as Green Arrow, using his trick arrows to fight crime.

      I love Green Arrow for several reasons. First, he's a very liberal hero, and I'm a liberal. He's also hilariously snarky, and Wash's actor used in Young Justice was the perfect choice. Sorry for late post, but I HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN!

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