Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Brony Bookclub Episode 5-Shipping

               Dear Jim Butcher,

               Today on The Brony Bookclub we had on CoffeeGrunt, author of Allegrezza, and talked about shipping fics. We learned that Allegrezza was pretty much written a chapter at a time, not with a overarching story planned out. Grunt gave good advice on how not to write your fic. Rainbow Dash is again a bicycle. Sam and I made Avatar jokes while Grunt listened in confusion, though we disagree on who that fandom's bicycle is. He thinks it's Katara, I think it's Zuko. I am right. Apparently, Grunt helped preread on later chapters of "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes". According to Gruny, lesbians are awesome. (New title of the show-My Little Pony: Lesbians are Awesome.) Oh yeah, despite what I say in the episode "Of Challenges and Kisses" is Featherweight and Scootaloo. And I'm an idiot. Sam finished catching up on "A World Without Rainbows" which to that I say "Woo!" Grunt rambles about Ship fics for a while. I rage at Twixie. I endorse Rarijack. Grunt is Santa and his sack is full of ship-fic recommendations. Sam is all Satire today. Sam has the gall to mention a fic I'd love, then reveals it has disappeared from the ponynet. (He has been sent to pony hell.) I work Community into the podcast! Yay! The title of a fic breaks my mind. Sam and Grunt quote "Full Life Consequences." I respond with "Repercussions of Evil." I am the only one with a non-pony ship fic. OH COME ON! I finally plugged one of my favorite fics. Overall, we learned that Shipping is one of the fandom's favorite pastimes. The secret to good shipping is a combination between the chemistry between the characters and the author's skill at writing character interaction. The audience can find the episode here, and the mailbag here.

              Your faithful student,
              Roy Hankins

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