Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rant about Apollo Justice

((NOTE: Do not read unless you've played Apollo Justice. Also, something decently big is coming.))

This rant is for those who make games or write fics about Phoenix getting his badge back after AJ, and yes this is partly to motherfucking Capcom. I liked the tease in the game, it was nice. Here's my problem: WHAT THE FUCK. Why can't characters grow and change? I thought it was pretty obvious that over the 7 years between games Phoenix had moved on. Yes, he was still working on changing the system, but from outside. He forged evidence, and as many have pointed out acted very differently from how he normally does. Why? Because he had grown up. He was no longer the greenhorn attorney who bluffs his way through cases. He had become a confident man, who raised his daughter and worked however he could to support them. Why make him an attorney again!? This is akin to One More Day with Spiderman, for me. And the fact is, Capcom wasn't really to blame. They did that because of the fans. So many fucking fans had to complain about how 'Apollo Justice sucks', and 'why isn't Phoenix the main character?' If you want to play a game with Phoenix as an attorney, good. There are three of them. But the character has evolved beyond that, and shouldn't be forced back into that role. I know it probably sounds like I'm whining, and I kinda am, but goddamn it! So, in summation, I am the mad.

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