Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Top 11 Batman the Animated Series episodes!

For those of you who don't know, the Nostalgia Critic just put up his new video here. It's his best video in a while, but I disagree with some of his choices. I won't list all the reasons, but a big one is I really hate the original design for the Penguin. I just can't stand it when he looks like that, so sue me. Here's my top 11 favorite Batman the Animated Series episodes, with explanations on ones that he didn't talk about.

While the Critic had a similar episode here (and even mentioned how similar they were), I prefer this one because: A) I love Harley Quinn. B) It's hilarious. C) I can't stand the mutant design for the Penguin. For those of you who don't know, this episode is where Harley Quinn is pronounced rehabilitated and released from Arkham Asylum, and her struggle to keep on the straight and narrow. No matter how much she regresses, you (and Batman) sympathize and hope she can straighten it out and live free.

Critic already talked about it, next.

Here's the setup: a major crime boss dies, and bequeaths a ton of cash to the Joker in his will, even though they hated each other. Joker uses some of it to clear himself of all his past crimes, and sets out to be a free man. There's a great running gag with Harley, and the Joker has some side-splitting dialogue.

Consider it Criticed.

In this episode, one of the worst of worst case scenarios happens: the Joker has a nuke. In order to stop him the Batman takes Harley Quinn from Arkham, hoping she will locate him. The episode is one of the funniest in the show, and Harley sings a song at one point that I love with all my heart. The chemistry between Bats and Harley is great, and if you don't laugh once during this episode you have to funny bone.

Temple Fugate was a man who let his watch rule his life, and when a man told him to take a break and forget about the time, his life fell into shambles within hours. He swore revenge against the man, and as the Clock King set out to ruin his life. this episode is fantastic, with a great villain who comes so close to stopping Batman with only his brain.

The Critic mentioned this one too, but I just have to add that I teared up and almost cried just from some of the clips he showed. Beautiful.

An overlooked episode in my opinion, I won't ruin a thing. It needs to be experienced firsthand. I'll just say that it's frightening and adds a new perspective into the superhero mythos: the everyman.

The Riddler is my favorite supervillain of all time, and he's never been handled as well as he was on this show. (At least until the redesign) His introduction episode is great. The title is perfect, and he way they portray him is exactly as he should be: an egotistical genius who sets up elaborate death traps, but is not silly. He is cold, ruthless, and has a cold fury thing going I love. Plus, him as a game designer is kinda cool.

Criticed and done.

Yep, my favorite is a Riddler episode, no surprise there. The idea of him trying his best to go straight, but being unable to because for him matching wits with Bats is like an addiction is genius to me. It shows how great his life could be if he gave it up, but also how he can't because of how obsessed he's become. His breakdown at the end is magic to me, and if they do the Riddler in a new movie soon, that should be used as an influence. Wow, three posts in one night. Time to take a break. Laters.

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