Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 Things

1st, my friend has started a blog about HIS life. It's not as cool as mine, but whatever. Link.

My review of all my favorite web comics.

Awkward Zombie
This is a comedy done via video games, and it is hilarious. Many times she replaces the main character with herself, Katie. Her art is good, and her writing is funny. Not much to say with this one. 9/10

I...really don't know how to describe this. It's like a comedic-dramatic-fantasy-racing comic. Yeah. Basically, Heaven is a LITERAL bureaucracy, and one angel there is high as my friend with a blog, and misfiles two people's shit. He gets kicked down to Earth until further notice for being high (NOT for misfiling, he hid the files so no one knows.), and finds the results of his mistake. Ash's file was moved from boy to girl, making everyone but him/her think he/she had always been a girl, and actually being one. Two pages of Emily's file were hidden, making her two years younger with the same reality-altering effects. Now they're pissed and won't stop until he gets their lives back to normal. Won't spoil beyond that, good writing and art, and I love the characters. 8/10.

Sorcery 101
Easy as hell to describe. It's a comedy/drama fantasy about a guy learning magic from a werewolf while teaching high school. It's funny, well drawn, and the characters are incredibly memorable, especially Seth. An underlooked series, it easily deserves a 8/10.

I can only use the writers own words to describe this: "A webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language." A very humble description for a great comic. Basically a joke a day newspaper strip, but made by the biggest nerd/geek hybrid I've ever seen. A percentage of the jokes go over EVERYONE'S head, so don't worry when you see one you don't get. However, if you actually read my blog, you'll get a large amount too. Hilarious, and made of win. 9.5/10

Brawl in the Family
 This is a lot like XKCD, except replace nerd and geek jokes with Nintendo jokes. This is really only for Nintendo fans, as all of the jokes are aimed in that area. As a HUGE 'tendo dork, I laugh consistently at it. The multi-part stories are always great, and it is general a wonderful experience. 9/10

El Goonish Shive
Ah, now this one is special. It was the first webcomic I ever read, my favorite by far, and the hardest to explain. It's weird. REALLY WEIRD. And there's no explanation I can give that will make any sense. All I can say is this for those starting: A)The art improves over time. A LOT. B)While it sometimes gets really serious, it always returns to comedy soon thereafter. It isn't a fantastic webcomic. The art starts of terrible, there are plot holes abound, and for those in a certain mindset, the characters suck. So why do I love it so? 2 reasons. 1)It makes me laugh. A lot. Nothing has ever made me laugh at times as much as this does. 2)I love the characters. Tedd and Nanase and Susan and Sarah and...everyone. So I must give two ratings. QUALITY=8/10. LOVE=10/10 Laters.

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  1. Thanks for the advertisement. Love all of these sites here. Especially Brawl in the Family and Awkward Zombie.