Monday, October 17, 2011

New Things Coming Tomarrow

Basically the reason I haven't posted in 2 months requires merely 1 word: college. Seriously, who know that it required work? So I really haven't been doing much, geek wise. Plowing through A Feast for Crows, finished Doctor Who New, starting Torchwood, then Doctor Who Old. Reading some interesting fanfiction, webcomics, and blogs. So really, I've just been too lazy to post. So sue me. Oh, and just in case some future projects actually happen, this blog is in no universe with anything I do. So if you see a vlog or something with me as a character, that is me playing a character. Sorry, but this blog is and always will be OOC. No being hijacked by proxies or anything. So tomorrow, a very large post coming, hopefully one someone actually likes. Another reason I find it hard to post is that it seems no one reads this but me and my friends. But then I realized, "Fuck it. It feels good to type this shit out." So...yeah. Laters.

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