Monday, October 15, 2012

Podcast news and Young Justice Episode 36

         Okay, we have a definite date for recording: next weekend. I know it's taking forever to record this one, but the cohost and I are quite busy at the mo', and our guest this time is rarely on FiMFiction, apparently.

          On non-related to pony news, ermahgard! This may be my favorite episode of Season 2, at it's high up there for favorite of the whole show. We finally learn more about the Bad Future, we see Jaime's origin, we get some amazing character bits with two of the original cast, we got an amazing villain, and I WAS RIGHT! As I told guy who was on my podcast and now a good friend Kavonde, "Are you going to get the phone? BECAUSE I CALLED IT!" I won't spoil what I called, but let's just say my favorite alien species of the DCU finally showed up after being hinted at, and they were done very well and true to the comic's spirit. Overall this episode was FANTASTIC! However, now we must wait until January for another episode. I'll post soon with my thoughts on the newest season of Who. Laters.


  1. Them showing up was FANTASTIC, and I fully admit that I was wrong; I didn't think YJ could do them justice as villains by bringing them at this point, but they pulled it off spectacularly.

    But even that wasn't my favorite thing. The whole episode was one, long string of "holy crap!" moments. Watching Miss Martian's abuse of her powers come back to haunt her with potentially catastrophic results, Godfrey's blatant, too-true-to-life-for-comfort political pundit hypocrisy, the whole fight between BB and BB, Wonder Girl's shockingly brutal takedown, Static Shock getting a cameo (if he's not on the team next season, I'll be sad)...

    Yeah. Episode was awesome. One of the best of the entire show thus far, and a real punch in the gut after the last couple of good-but-not-amazing episodes.

  2. I kinda mentioned all those things, I was just trying to be unspoilery.