Monday, October 1, 2012

The Brony Bookclub Episode 11-Tragedy

       Dear Jim Butcher,

       This week we talked about Tragedy fics with our guest Kavonde, author of what I like to call The Blueblood trilogy. We had a lot of fun, got really off topic at times, and I screwed up worse than any time previous on this show. Don't worry, I'll probably beat it next week. Speaking of next week, our next episode will have on ROBCakeran53, author of My Little Dashie, to talk about Sadfics. It any listeners want to ask him a question, comment on sadfics, recommend some of their favorites, or critique our cruddy podcast they should go here. They can watch the episode here and download it here.

        Your Faithful Student,
        Roy Hankins


  1. Guys, this episode was pretty hard to understand. I don't know if you guys were more nervous, or the microphone was bad, but I just lost most of the conversation… I rewinded like 3 times to no avail until I gave up. The previous episode was much easier to understand, the conversation was more linear, you guys spoke slower, it was just easier to follow. Maybe it's just me as a non-native speaker but I don't normally have trouble understanding podcasts unless the audio quality is actually bad (such as TLR's).

    1. Yeah, it's most likely a combination of us being fast-talking Californians, and the file format I used. Try downloading the mp3, that should be a lot clearer. For reference, is their a higher quality video format that YouTube accepts that AVI?

    2. I'm not aware. I do know I always download highest available quality from YouTube. I'll try MP3 next time.

      I have a script that auto-downloads anything and everything from Youtube within an hour after it's posted to EqD. I tried to Google some hints for Youtube audio quality but didn't find anything directed to content makers. ;\

  2. Hm. Well, like Roy mentioned at the end, we're all Californian, and Californians tend to speak more quickly than most other English-speaking folks. Maybe we sped up without realizing it? Plus, I know I, at least, was a little nervous at the start. So... apologies, at least on my part, man.