Monday, December 12, 2011

On the Wrong Side of the 4th Wall-Teen Titans (V3 1-57)

         This is definitely a good series, and before the blast of fan's flame hits me, yes, I have heard of it's problems. For those not in the know, long time fans of the series are pretty down on this run, because they believe it totally derailed several characters, specifically Bart Allen and Wonder Girl. On the Wonder Girl front I have no idea, because this is the first series with her in it that I've gotten into, and with Bart I can see your point, I don't agree. I think his change from Impulse to Kid Flash was more development than derailment, and I actually prefer the Kid Flash version to the Impulse one. Blasphemy and all that, yadda yadda.

          I might as well type it now, this is the first full run of the Titans I've read. I know several people out there are like one of my roommates, telling me to start with the New Teen Titans of the 80's. Yeah, I get the idea of wanting my to read that awesomeness, but I wanted to start at a period that overlapped with some of my other comic interests, specifically Blue Beetle.

          Why do I like this? I think that, not counting the stuff in the next paragraph, it's well drawn and better written. I like the Titans, their interactions, and their subplots. I really like Geoff Johns, especially his runs on Flash and JSA, and his talent for characters and dialogue stand out here as well.

          The only problem for me to find with this is at 2 points: Infinite Crisis and Countdown to Final Crisis. At both of these points, the comic became almost unreadable to me, and directly afterwards it was hard to continue after so much bullshit had happened.

          Overall, I'd say that this run on the Titans is damn good. I'd probably agree with some fans that the New Teen Titans are better once I read that, but until then I can satisfy my urge for a good team book with The Teen Titans.

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