Sunday, March 18, 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra-Episode 1 Welcome to Republic City

           Holy shit. This has cast away the tiny doubts I had that this series will not rock. Korra is a great protagonist, with a lot of personality, and a total badass as well. Tenzin is pretty cool too, and I could not tell he was voiced by J. Jonah Jameson the whole time. The guy does not sound like he normally does, and it works. Katara is as awesome as ever. Chief Bei Fong is definitely Toph's daughter, and is being set-up to be pretty interesting too. The Big Bad Amon sounds pretty kickass, and he's voiced by Steve Blum. The animation is incredible. The soundtrack really impressed me, combining the asian flavor of the original with a new 20's city score, and it blends well and adds a lot to the scenery and action. Overall, a great start to what will most likely be an amazing series.

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