Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Front of the Silver Screen-Batman Year One

((First off, I will sadly be unable to post every day or do theme months for the foreseeable future. They may come back, but right now I am working on something extra special. I'll still post when I can.))

                Early on I was hating this movie. The idea is that is has two storylines: Bruce Wayne's first year as Batman and Jim Gordan's first year in Gotham. The problem I had was pretty much exclusively in the Batman storyline. The new voice actor, Ben McKenzie, doesn't suit him very well. It isn't helped that all the early scenes with him as infuriating to me, because they're done in my least favorite form of Batman writing: dark monologues and brooding. Goddamn it Frank! It was hurting me hearing all this stupid narrating being done by Batman. Also, Catwoman is a prostitute. Wow Frank, wow. And don't say that he wanted a more realistic and gritty form of Batman, because I'll call bullshit there too. The first scene with him is him training by punching a pile of bricks into dust with no damage on his hand and roundhouse kicking a healthy tree in half. Bullshit.

               However, I really enjoyed the Gordan storyline. (With exception to the part when he cheated on his wife. Fuck you Miller.) The action was all really good, the story was on average decent. I guess I just really don't like that new voice for Batman or the all the monologues. Overall, it's just okay. It's probably my least favorite of all the DC Animated Films. I'd still recommend it to general Batman fans, and if you're at all a fan of Miller's writing, check it out. Personally I don't like it that much.

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