Monday, April 30, 2012

Updates on random stuff.

     Yeah, I'm gonna post once a day again. Screw waiting for my laptop to be fixed, I miss doing this so darn much! So here's my thoughts on stuff:

     Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer:
     Game of Thrones episodes:
     Young Justice Season Ender: This was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it. It flowed well, the fights were good, and it left me excited for next season.

     Young Justice Season Premier: I am unsure. The episode's plot was good. Lobo was a bit good, but not utilized enough. The time skip decision...not sure if it was a good choice or not yet. It will take time to see. New characters? Good to see Tim Drake, the little we saw of Bumblebee and her boyfriend was good and made me want to see more, Lagoon Boy was...interesting, and Blue Beetle acually managed to work for me. I have pretty high standards when it comes to BB (AKA why I don't like the New 52 BB or his adaptation in Brave and the Bold), but they seem to have got him right here. His personality fit, he change of state wasn't that big a deal, and I like how they handled the scarab voice in his head. You'd think he's get more respect though, considering you could annihilate the rest of the team in half a second. Time will tell if the changes made will be for the better or the worst.

     My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season Ender: Yeah, that was awesome. Up there now with my favorite episodes of the whole show. The songs were catchy and well done, the jokes rarely failed to make me laugh, the fights were amazing, and the villainess is trying to take my favorite villain of the show spot from Discord. Overall an amazing way to end a great season.

     Korra Episode 3: Okay, how in Celestia's mane is there not an image for "Bending on Motorcycles" yet? Really good episode, love the way they're taking Amon's character, great action, good writing.

     Korra Episode 4: Really good. They introduced three major characters, had some good writing, and really improved Korra as a character for me. Am I the only one liking her more than Aang?

     Be back tomorrow with more content! Laters.

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