Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Animation Outside Japan-Daria

Animation Outside Japan
         I started watching Daria after I heard about it from the big man himself, the Nostalgia Critic. Mr. Walker put it as his favorite TV show, an amazing recommendation. It took me about two months, but I've finished all of it.

        This show is hilarious. It is able to be completely crazy, yet keep a grain of truth, of the things most of us actually did experience in high school. The entire cast ranges from good to amazing, my favorite being the title character. Her snarky style is good enough, but as time goes on we see clearly that she isn't an infallible Mary Sue, she makes mistakes, and not in the classic cartoon drama way. She comes across as a real person, and someone we'd all gladly be friends with. The biggest strength of the show is the fact that, with a couple exceptions, every episode seems real and genuine. My favorite part of the show was the last two seasons, when they started having more branching plot-lines and character development. The way they developed Quinn of all people was great, and completely unexpected for me. By the end of Is it College Yet? I was kinda tearing up. Some of the things done and said broke my heart, which was quickly repaired by a good realization, a beautiful speech, and a heartwarming ending credits. Overall, I'm incredibly happy I decided to try this, and easily recommend this to anyone who has ever agreed with my taste in humor. To end, here's the earlier fantastic speech.

"Stand firm for what you believe in, until and unless logic and experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked, the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza."
-The Zen of Daria Morgendorffer

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