Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream and Break

I had the weirdest dream last night. It started off with a series of scenes I'm quickly forgetting, where I had a girlfriend. It was mostly just us hanging out, and holding hands. Then I 'woke up', only to find myself somewhere else. In this dream my dad was healthy, and Superman. My dad's best friend was alive and Batman. We went to the hospital to visit my grandmother, who has severe dementia, and she was...good as new. She was exactly as I remember her from when I was a kid, joking around with me and my dad. Then I again 'woke up' back in the first dream, and realized that one was real, and the other wasn't. I purposely went back into the other dream, and found it had turned into hell. After going through a couple 2D sidescrolling levels of it (I know, awesome right?), I realized it would never end. So I decided the other was real. I went back there, was no girlfriend awaiting me. And then it hit me. Both weren't real, and I needed to wake up in the real world, because I had to pack so I could go on home for Thanksgiving. And then I did. The profound sense of loss that I had as I woke...sucked. I now know, that I really do want a girlfriend, more than I thought I did. I also realized I need to not watch too much Doctor Who, apparently my subconscious really loved "Amy's Choice" and decided to replicate that for me.

In less depressing news, I'm staying at my parents house for 5 days or so for Thanksgiving Break, (I'll be there by this afternoon) so that gives me more time to read and blog. I'll have a review of House of Leaves up soon. Maybe ones of "A Dance of Dragons" and "Daria" if I can finish either soon. It feels good to splatter my thoughts on the screen again. Laters.

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