Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Legend of Korra Episode 10, Allegrezza, An Eccentric Trespasser, and a hint to a future post


       Legend of Korra-Very good episode. The Holy Shit Quotient was through the roof, the ending was awesome, the fight scenes were cool. My only problem is that I feel the creators are going in a certain direction with Asami's character I thought was already shown to be a no go, and I hate that direction. I won't spoil my fears, but I really hope they're preparing for a fake-out.

       Allegrezza by CoffeeGrunt is MLP ship fic between Vinyl and Octavia. That alone guaranteed me reading it. This fic is hilarious, silly, and amazingly heartwarming. The end had me in tears, and I really love and recommend it. However, I have two problems. I'm of the camp that Equestria would be pretty okay with gay couples, while the fic portrays it more like America 5 years ago. I also found the way Lyra and Bon Bon were characterized very different from how I always saw them. Neither is a fault really, just personal preference.

      An Eccentric Trespasser is a Doctor Whooves MLP fic by Tales. It's...okay. I laughed a couple times, a couple ideas are okay, but overall I was not impressed. I really love the idea that Doctor Whooves is the Doctor turned into a pony from dimensional travel, or at least a Time Pony. But here he's just some Earth Pony who's part of a ancient society of Doctors. The perspective is also a bit wonky, switching from character to character with little notice, and I don't know why he couldn't get the same information across by having it one character per chapter. It doesn't really stick out to me, and I can't really recommend it.

      Future review-I am currently down two paths out of five on a visual novel game. I will not review the game or reveal its identity until I've played it all, but I did want to say I was really enjoying it, and of the ten or so of the genre I've played it is easily the best. Laters.

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