Monday, June 25, 2012

That Guy With The Glasses Week(s) - The Nostalgia Chick

              Now, I'm going to start off with the negatives this time. Yes, her comedy on some videos is hit or miss. Yes, I can understand why she has offended some people, though I have not been offended myself. But what's good about her? When she's on her game, she is on. I have laughed at several of her videos more than many of her competitors. I also feel she is very fair, and her taste in movies is actually pretty good. Is she one of the best on the site? No. Is she worth your time? Probably. Personally, I would definitely recommend her and her videos to those who haven't given her a shot.

             Favorite reviews: Hercules, Top 10 5 Best Least Awful Disney Sequels

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