Sunday, June 24, 2012

That Guy With The Glasses Week(s) - Todd in the Shadows

        That is right, it's That Guy With the Glasses Week(s), where I review the reviewers! (Insert Inception BWA noise here.) I'll review one a day until the July 14th, when I'll post my list of my Top 13 favorites of them. Kind of a reverse Superhero Weeks here.

        First up is Todd in the Shadows. For those unaware Todd reviews Pop Music. He's actually the most recent of all of them that I got into. I kept putting him off, because I'm really not that into music. But I decided to give him a try, and he's awesome! Not only is he very funny, with some great running jokes and cutaway gags, he also explains everything in a way where people like me who know nothing of music can understand. With his help, I can now laugh at Driveby for how silly the lyrics are. He takes his field of interest and makes it more accessable for those like me who aren't in the know. For me, that is a crucial part of a good reviewer. Really, I'd recommend him to anyone reading who hasn't tried his reviews. And no, before you start typing, I don't always agree with him. I do not like rap and hip hop, while he does, and I really like Lady Gaga, while he does not. I good reviewer isn't one you agree with, it's one who is funny and explains their opinions so you can understand their viewpoint and accept it.

        Favorite review: Driveby or Top 10 Worst Songs of 2011

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