Monday, June 4, 2012

Superhero Week (Continued)-Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

                 Thanks to the recent movie, I don't think there's anypony reading this wondering who Hal Jordan is. He's the original Green Lantern. (Alan Scott does not count, he was the first hero named Green Lantern but he was not a Green Lantern in the way that his followers in the title are.) Hal Jordan is remarkable as the Green Lantern for several reasons: he is (almost) fearless, and the best at combating Sinestro because of it; he's very moral, and unbending in his beliefs; and he is precise, his use of the ring is the most focused.

                 A lot of people call Jordan boring and uninteresting...and I'd like to know which comics they were reading. I think he's a very interesting character, and will always give a book with him on the cover a chance. Now, I also have to say I completely agree that if any person was born to play this man, it is Nathan Fillion. Sadly the chance to play the awesome space cop in live-action has passed him by, but he can (and does) still play him in animated adaptations. If you want some specifics on what to read, I'd suggest anything by Geoff Johns, but most specifically Green Lantern: Rebirth. This is the first of a trend: I'm a bit of a Johns fan.

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