Friday, June 8, 2012

Superhero Week-Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

        I don't think I need an image here either. Peter Parker is one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. He's one of Marvel's biggest sellers, and has had several movies, a plethora of cartoons, and a freaking stage play all based on him.

        Now, you might wonder why I don't have that many Marvel heroes on my list. It's because I'm not a big Marvel fan. For the most part, there heroes don't strike a chord with me. I'll never say they're bad, or that I hate them (except for Wolverine, fuck him), but they're not my heroes. Spider-Man is the big exception. There are so many reasons I love Spidey. He's a nerd, but is shown to, for the most part, get along decently well with a lot of people in high school. He's a science genius, and created his web shooters. My favorite thing though, is his dialogue. Spider-Man's pithy comebacks in fights always have me laughing, and they ground the character for me. He's someone who is so scared during these fights that the only way not to shut down entirely is to say whatever comes to mind, hoping his fake bravado will become real. I also like that for the most part, he keeps things small. He fights bank robbers and gangs. He doesn't fight intergalactic overlords or huge terrorist organizations, he protects his home area. No matter the prefex, I always gotta love that Amazing, Spectacular, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

       Oh, and Joe Quesada.

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