Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Superhero Week-Bruce Wayne (Batman)

         No image is required. This is the superhero whose movie has made several billion dollars, and whose sequel is hyped up beyond belief. He is the no-powered superhero, and the second most recognizable superhero of all. Everyone knows who he is. So what will I talk about? First off, Batman is a superhero. I find the idea that he isn't ridiculous. He's a guy with abilities far beyond anything you've ever seen, who puts on a costume and fights crime. BAM. Superhero. Second, Batman not killing people doesn't just make sense, but makes him better than most heroes, at least for me. It isn't that killing people is hard. He's bucking Batman. He could kill people easier than almost any other hero. The problem is how easy it is. And once he crosses that line, just once, it's now always an option. It's now a tool to be used as he sees fit. And that's not what Batman stands for. Everyone deserves the chance to reform, and depriving them of that is not how Batman roles. So yeah. Batman's pretty cool. He breathes in space and doesn't afraid of anything. Laters.

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