Monday, June 4, 2012

Superhero Week-Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl)

             Okay, this one's gonna take some backstory. During the 90's, there was a really, really bad story arch in Spider-Man called the Clone Saga, and it ended up lasting two years. At this part in Spider-Man mystery (before Joe Quesada raped it), Peter and Mary Jane were married and expecting a baby. Someone had the bright idea soon after the Saga ended of it ending much earlier, and in a different way. Then jump forward to the future, where May (Mayday) Parker is the teenage daughter of your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. It seems this new ending to the Saga involved Peter loosing a leg, and giving up being Spider-Man. One day Mayday discovers she has super-powers, and her father was Spider-Man. Remembering all the ideals he has raised her with, she stole his old costume and became Spider-Girl, which became it's own comic series after being a What If? one shot. From this comic series other series about superheroes in this new universe spun off, eventually becoming the universe MC2 (Marvel Comics 2).

          So what do I love so much about this web-slinging heroine? First off, she's funny like her old man. Second, she shares the relateableness of her father, while adding to it (for me) in that she doesn't really have a tragic backstory, she's a hero because it's the right thing to do. Third, she and her stuff in high school are good enough for me to care about what happens there, with specific story arcs being amazing. The only problem I have is that sometimes the art is a bit...wonky. But I'm not that into art, so I rarely notice it. Please go out and get the (exceedingly rare) trade paperbacks, and read this about this spectacular heroine!

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