Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First post-July 11th 2011

For the first post, an explanation: This blog chronicles the random thoughts of one nerd, Roy Hankins. The only real purpose it serves is to vent frustration and geek out on the things he loves. You have been warned.

So today was cool. I got in the mail my first purchases as an adult: a Blue Lantern Ring, a Blue Lantern t-shirt, a stethoscope, a lab cote, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The scope and coat are half of a costume I'm putting together for Sac-Anime in September. What is it? Go to Sac Anime and find out.

My computer has been doing this thing today, where EVERYTHING buffers as slow as it possibly can. At first I thought is was Dell fucking with me with shitty hardware, but low and behold it did the same thing on our Wii's Netflix, so I guess the buck stops at Mediacom. Bastards.

Watching: Season 1 of Lost (2nd time through it all), Star Trek TOS (1st time, trying Trek out)
Listening: Turnabout Musical (here), Small Favor (10th Dresden Files Audiobook), LEOG (here, V2 Issue 10.5)
Reading: A Clash of Kings (Sequel to A Game of Thrones), At the Mountain of Madness (Wanted to try more Lovecraft), Green Lantern (Every issue by Geoff Johns), Transmetropolitan (...just google it)

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