Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 13-14th Update and Angel Beats! Review

Update for both days: nothing. I have been incredibly boring of late, but that will soon change. Next Saturday I'm moving in to my apartment, and stuff shall be odd from then odd.

Angel Beats! Review: I'm not gonna synopsis this because I already did before. This anime is based of of a light novel by Key Visual Arts, the people behind Air, Kanon, and Clannad (The last of which I haven't seen). I really liked Kanon, and think Air is alright. What they do best his heart-string pulling melodrama. They allow for small moments of relief and laughter, only to fuck your feelings in the ass soon after. Kanon is 2nd saddest anime I've seen, second only to Grave of the Fireflies. Now that I've seen Angel Beats! I have a suitable #3. The biggest difference between this and their previous works is it is much heavier on humor. To really break it up, the animation is amazing, the voice-work is top-notch, many of the characters are memorable, and the story is both original and heartbreaking. The flaws here are that some of the characters are either forgettable or flat out annoying (I'm looking at you Ayato Naoi!) and most of the dialogue humor is hit-or-miss. (The slapstick is generally funny.) Overall I would say it is really amazing, but for it's defects not as good as Kanon. Also, I've heard it compared to Haruhi, which I think is much better. Haruhi is something someone only vaguely into anime can watch and enjoy incredibly, while the same cannot be said for Angel Beats! Haruhi played with and made fun of the general anime tropes, while Angel Beats! plays them so straight that it is unable to transcend the genre. It is still however really great, and highly recommend it to all who can stand the tears. Later.

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