Sunday, July 29, 2012

Classic Who Review-Robot

                 That is right, I am watching Classic Doctor Who again. And due to lack of interest in black-and-white stuff right now, I skipped ahead to the Fourth Doctor. The plot for this one is pretty simple: The Doctor has just regenerated, and a group of scientists who want to rule the world use their Robot to steal the codes to all the nukes. The problem is the Robot was programmed to respect human life, and driving it to hurt people drives it crazy. It has a silly ending I won't spoil, but I still enjoyed it. The Doctor was great, I am really liking the actor so far. Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan are good companions, though they didn't get to do much in this one. For my first meeting, I really liked the Brigadier and his right-hand man Benton. The Brigadier really helped solidify his character with a great line. Overall, it got me excited for more of this Doctor, but as an episode it was just average.

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