Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watashi wa Anime ga daisukidesu-Bleach

            Oh man, this is gonna really kill me. Alright, so the, like, zero people reading this who watched by old shitty YouTube videos know that this anime cause my first kinda big controversy. This was mostly caused by my poor writing, bad speech, and terrible response to comments. Let me start with this then: I do not think Bleach is a bad anime, nor do I hate it. I feel that in quality it is mediocre, and I don't really have any feeling for it one way or the other.

            On the good side, the opening (not sure which number) DTechnoLife is amazing, and one of my favorite openings to any anime ever. However, I rarely think of Bleach when I listen to it, so I'm not sure it's actually a plus. The other good-ish thing about it is that it doesn't really have anything bad about it.

            That is just my problem however. Good is not the absence of bad. While nothing about the show is something I dislike, I don't like any of it either. The characters are bland, the story meh, and the action standard. So, really, I have nothing much to say about the show except that I don't hate it. Or like it. Or care. Sorry Bleach fans. Laters.

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