Monday, July 9, 2012

In Front of the Silver Screen - The Amazing Spider Man

         On the comic front: Oh my Stan Lee. This is the closest I feel the Spider Man of the comics has come to being shown accurately on the screen. I'm not talking about the web shooters being artificial, him being in high school, Flash Thompson being a character, or even Gwen Stacy being the girl. I'm talking about the fact that I felt like I was watching Spider Man. I've heard some people talk about how much darker this is compared to the silly, campy older movies. That is true. But what I appreciate more is that this film captures my favorite aspect of Spider Man: the humor. This film captures the fact that when Peter is Spider Man, and he's fighting somebody, he is talking. All the gorram time. Not all his lines are great, but he just keeps throwing out zingers anyway. Plus, they actually captured other parts of the characters that isn't usually seen: Peter's loner tendencies, Flash's kindness, Gwen's intelligence. As a fan, this movie was great. (Oh, and the sequels should be called "The Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man" and "The Spectacular Spider Man" Just Saiyan."

             On the film front: Damn this is good. The drama is well done, the stakes high. The main characters are likable and relatable, and their choices make sense. It leaves many obvious and subtle threads that could be used in sequels. (Did anyone else pick up the Kingpin hint?) The actions was good. It was just a well made film.

             In summation, if you haven't already, go see it now!

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