Thursday, July 5, 2012

That Guy With the Glasses Week(s) - Linkara

                     Now, my story from last week ties into this one. During the First Anniversary Brawl, one of the many reviewers I didn't know stuck out to me, a cool guy in a brown coat with a magic gun. So I gave his show a try. And then I became a comic fan. Seriously, without my discovery of Linkara, I would not be the comic nerd I sorta am today.

                     I absolutely love his show, for the same reason some I know don't. He is not as funny, overall, as the other reviewers on the site. He's still very funny, but he focuses more on actual criticism, and I learn a lot about comics and writing in general from his reviews. I salute you Linkara.

                     Favorite episode-Cry For Justice #5-6

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