Wednesday, July 4, 2012

That Guy With the Glasses Week(s) - Luke Mochrie

((First off, why I was gone. I just finished moving into my new apartment, and before yesterday I didn't have internet either. I was going to post again yesterday, but I was a bit lazy. So I'm doing it now. I'll do two posts today, and catch up on the rest tomorrow.))

              Luke is an interesting reviewer. He reviews films, but does it from different perspectives. He personifies his optimism (or emotion) as Ringo, and his pessimism (or logic) as Phillip. He has them fight about each movie, allowing him to show what he likes and doesn't very effectively. Over time other Inners are added. Ringo and Phillip are both great, and bounce off each-other very well. The reviews are well written, and make sense. Not only that, but the guy's dad is Colin Mochrie. I love Colin Mochrie!

            My only real problem with his show is that he doesn't update enough, and occasionally his opinions are kinda odd. Still, I recommend him as a little known reviewer on the site.

            Favorite episode-Hot Tub Time Machine

((Yes this is the 200th review. I'll do something special for 250, I swear.))

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