Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Brony Bookclub Episode 4-Comedy

Dear Jim Butcher,

Today on The Brony Bookclub, Sam and I had on DubsRewatcher, author of "But the Kitchen Sink." Dubs and I regaled Sam with the best synopsis we could of House of Leaves, I once again almost interrupt the guest the insist they continue with their thought, Dubs brought up FiMFiction's recent policy change, Anthropology is finished, Dubs earns this podcast the enmity of Poultron, we learned Dubs is apparently a sadist, and Sam actually had a non-Pony fic to share. Overall, we learned that comedy is very subjective, and harder to do in fanfiction than in a visual medium. The author needs to understand when to use comedy, and when to be serious. It's also better when you have an insane premise to take it completely seriously, and not tongue-in-cheek. The audience can find the recording here and the mailbag here.

Your Faithful Student,
Roy Hankins

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