Wednesday, July 4, 2012

That Guy With the Glasses Week(s) - Film Brain

             Man this post is gonna be getting me in trouble. Alright, I like Film Brain. I'll start off with the bad this time, for good reason. This guy has the largest hatedom of anyone on Channel Awesome, and it pretty much all comes down to one thing: his voice. It depends on the review, but his voice can be very annoying at times. Not just his voice itself, but how he pronounces words and acts as well.

              So why do I like him? He writes well, tackles things others haven't, and he takes his criticism pretty well. Plus, I've loved every crossover he's done, where he always comes across well for me. I dunno, I just like the guy. Maybe he reminds me of myself, we're the same age I think. I guess I sympathize with him. Plus I stand by the fact that I enjoy his reviews. So there.

           Favorite episode-The Riddle

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