Friday, January 27, 2012

Character Study-Mikuru

                        Mikuru is easily my least favorite Brigade member. It's not that I don't like her, it's just that for the most part she's a pretty shallow character. She's incredibly shy yet super hot, and naive as hell. That's the joke. The only depth she had was when early on it's suggested that it is all a ruse. It turns out not to be true, and later we learn that she's actually exactly what you see. In the most recent book she finally got some screentime that wasn't a joke or exposition. there we learn she had serious self-esteem issues, which I find interesting because I do too. All of this only applies to the main Mikuru. I won't explain why because-
                   -yeah those. Let's just say there's another character that is her, and she is very interesting, mostly through the little we see contradicting the one we know.

                   Mikuru is voiced by Stephanie Sheh, known for her great range. She was also Hinata from Naruto, Akira from Lucky Star, Illyasviel in fate/Stay Night, Guu from Hare+Guu, and Yui from K-On. Some people I know have criticized her performance here, saying it's so sweet and innocent it's hard to listen too. I disagree, she's just voicing the character as they were written. Overall, Mikuru isn't a bad character, she's just outshined for me by the rest of the cast.

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