Monday, January 16, 2012

Cracking a Goddamned Book-The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya

               This is another anthology book, so I'll once again break things down by story.

                Endless Eight: Unlike the anime, which had this as 8 EPISODES this is one 54 page chapter. It's two weeks until summer vacation ends, and for some reason Kyon keeps getting deja vu as Haruhi drags the Brigade around to do 'summer' things. It turns out that they...

                  ...yeah that. Basically Haruhi isn't happy with how summer vacation has turned out, and is looping it over and over again until she is satisfied. How many times? This happens to be the 15,495th loop. And poor Yuki experienced every single one, and remembers all of them completely clearly. This all takes place before the previous novel, and I think it did contribute in a way to what happened there, but I won't say here. Overall, I really love this story. Funny stuff, time travel, and a focus on Yuki all equals a thumbs up from me.

              The Day of Sagittarius: Another one of my favorites, both in the anime and novel. The president of the computer club shows up, and is very mad about the...incident at the beginning of the series. He wants his computer back, and is challenging the S.O.S. Brigade to a game they made. If the Club wins, they get their computer and Yuki. If the Brigade wins, they get 4 new laptops. It goes on from their, but it's a lot of fun. I prefer the anime version, mostly because of the stellar visuals and tiny details. Also this:
Yes, those are Haruhi's legs. THE GREATEST ENTRANCE OF ALL TIME!
                   Snowy Mountain Syndrome: Now, this is the first part of the story I've read in the novels that I haven't either already seen in anime form, or known that it existed in that form already. This chapter has not been adapted, and because of the sad cancer diagnosis of Haruhi's star seiyuu Aya Hirano, it is likely it never will be. Because of that, it is the first time I've left of Haruhi story confused and scared. I don't know what happened here, and have no clue what will happen next. Basically, Tsuruya and the Brigade (plus Kyon's sister) go to her family's ski resort for the weekend. In the middle of walking back after skiing, a huge blizzard hits, and after walking for hours they haven't seen a single landmark. And then they find a mansion, stocked with everything needed to live, and no one home. I won't go beyond there, but holy shit. I still don't know how much I love this chapter, but it is really good. I'm left at the end with no explanation of how this all happened, only speculation from the characters and myself. I cannot wait to start on the next book, which should be tomorrow.

             Overall, this is my favorite anthalogy book I've read. I really like all the stories here, and they seem to be related...somehow. Only time will tell. Laters.

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