Monday, January 16, 2012

First Impressions-Fairy Tail

           There's been a lot of adds for this anime, so I decided to try the first episode. The first half I was kinda bored. There wasn't that much I hadn't seen before, and it seemed like it was trying to be an awesome shonen series, and wasn't succeeding well. However, by the end, I was turned around. I will give this show 3 more episodes, after which it will be up for evaluation again.

           CONS-As I said, it seems like it's trying very hard to be Naruto or One Piece (especially One Piece), and at first it doesn't have nearly as much charm. I don't like the character design for the main two characters. Natsu seems like they really want to shonen hero design, but he doesn't pull it off. Luffy looks like a pirate. Naruto looks like...well maybe not a ninja but someone who can kick ass. Natsu a buff metrosexual. Lucy doesn't fair much better. Her costume is alright, but her proportions are kinda silly. I am sick and tired of fanservice invading anime that don't need it, and this, so far, is not one that does.

           PROS-The animation is beautiful, probably by the people who did One Piece. The character design for the first badguy was pretty good, and the design on the symbols the magic uses and such things is awesome. Speaking of the magic, I loved the action. It was above average, compared to a lot of shows I've seen. the voicework was alright so far, everyone did their jobs well enough that it neither helped nor hindered the story. The music during the fight scenes was awesome, almost sounding celtic, and it fit the world and action very well.

          Overall, not a bad first episode. The quality was a tad uneven, but besides that it turned out decent. I hope the show goes up from here, however. Laters.

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