Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Everything I Watch is Animated - House M.D. Season 1

          Ahhh yeah! Now, this is a very Love It or Hate It kind of show. The fanbase is huge, and the hatebase is equally large. So what don't people like?

           House definitely has its problems. The structure of the show is very formulaic, as to what happens when, not what is actually going on. For many people, this sucks. I barely notice it myself. It is a flaw here though, so I must mention it.

           So what do I like? I love the characters here. House, Wilson, Foreman, and especially Chase. The cast is diverse, layered, and fun. The acting, especially Hugh Laurie as House, is great. The writing for House himself is also something I love. He's a jerk yeah, but mostly in the sense that he is brutally honest. He tells you exactly what he thinks of you, and holds back nothing. I love that. Overall, I really love this show. It definitely isn't perfect, but the things that are good here stick out for me more than the bad does. If you love detective shows, you're probably already watching this. Laters.

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