Friday, January 6, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-Meet the Suzumiyas

Sorry for missing a day, but here, 2 things. Kinda.

Meet the Suzumiyas is a Haruhi fanfic written by JonBob0008. The idea is that Kyon's family is moving, and the only way for him to not move is to stay at Haruhi's house. The Original Characters are very much the kinda characters in canon. The writing keeps everyone in-character. Very funny, very moving, overall great. A huge recommendation to all Haruhi fans.

I have another project in the works. I am trying to turn the above fanfic into a radio play. I am currently casting the thing now, and if you want in just go here and follow the directions. As it says there, audition deadline is February 1st.

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