Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 13 Favorite (New Series) Doctor Who Episodes

Real quick, a rules note: 1) Each season will have two episodes on the list, and one Christmas special. 2) In the case of a multi-part episode, only one episode will be put here.

Honorable Mention-Amy's Choice.

#13. School Reunion (Series 2)
              What does this have going for it? Mickey's first episode as a companion, first time for me meeting Sarah Jane or K9, and EVIL GILES! Why so low? Not that big a fan of Sarah Jane, and the story was just okay. Still awesome thought. And great lines. "Affirmative."

#12. The Doctor's Daughter

             The reason for it being here and it being low is simple. Jenny. On the one hand, the chemistry with her and the Doctor is great, and she reveals some usually unseen tragedy in the Doc. On the other, she disappears after this episode and is never seen or mentioned again. Seriously Moffat, add her back in the next season!

#11. Let's Kill Hitler (Series 6)
             This episode is hilarious. This is easily the funniest episode in my opinion. It makes sense, considering how serious and awesome the previous episode was.

#10. The Impossible Astronaut (Series 6)
                 Here's a quick list of kick-assitude: stetson=cool, it takes place in America, WHAM opening, and Badger is here! Love this episode, great opening to the season.

#9. Silence in the Library (Series 4)
             Really good story, really good baddie, coolest planet in the whole series, memorable quotes, introduction of River Song, damn good episode.

#8. The Impossible Planet (Series 2)
               Great ideas, extra strength David Tennant, introduction of the Ood, unusual style, great writing, fun episode.

#7. The Doctor Dances (Series 1)
            Favorite mid-season two-parter. Some of my favorite lines, great acting, Captain Jack's introduction, and very unique baddies.

#6. A Christmas Carol (Holiday Special)
             My favorite Holiday Special. It has Michael Gambon, is an adaptation of my favorite Christmas story, and has some fun with Timey-Wimey.

#5. The Eleventh Hour (Series 5)
                My favorite series opener, it perfectly introduces the 11th Doctor. It is hilarious, well written, quotable ("Get a girlfriend Jeff!"), and just a damn good episode.

#4. Dalek (Series 1)
                This is hear for mainly two reasons: Christopher Eccleston's acting, some of my favorite in the whole show; it was the episode that got me invested in Doctor Who. This was the turning point where I went from trying out a show, to being a fan.

#3. Blink (Series 3)
            Not much to say here, this episode had been praised to death. The difference for me is that it didn't scare me that much. That was kinda spoiled by my Whovian friend Ian before I even started watching Who. I love this episode for it's great quotability and easily my favorite written plot of any episode.

#2. The Big Bang (Series 5)
              This episode has everything I love in an episode: great music, great acting, great quotes, fast pace, and a ton of fun with the Timey-Wimey factor.

#1. The Sound of Drums
                 This is easily my favorite episode so far. John Sims, John Barrowman, David Tennant, and some great music mixed together. This episode truly introduced me to The Master, a character I was waiting for for quite a while. I was not disappointed.

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