Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monthly Wrap Up-The Haruhi Franchise

                   So how did my first theme month go? I'd say pretty well. I think I managed to introduce the series well for those unfamiliar to it, and add a spin on it for those already in-the-know. Now I will boil down the franchise into my favorite pro and the only con that actually upsets me.

                  PRO: When other series need techno-babble, or need to make some nerdy reference, it will be some words misheard from other works or just plain pulled out of the dictionary at random. This franchise is written by people who know what they're talking about. They know the latest science theories, can do complex math equations, can argue philosophy for hours without sounding like an idiot, knows which sci-fi ideas are completely insane and which are much more reasonable, and could rave for hours about that new game they love. That much love and effort really impresses me.

                 CON: I love the Brigade, and the people in it. But not counting Kyon and Haruhi, their interactions are rare. We get a couple hints about how they feel about each other, but it's barely touched on and I really think it should be. Interplay between great characters is what helps make them great characters. The only ones we do get are all one-sided as hell. Mikuru is scared by Yuki. Itsuki admires Yuki and is jealous of Mikuru's openness. This great franchise would be 20% cooler if the characters had chances to interact with each other more often.

                Now, because tomorrow is my birthday, I'm giving myself a treat for next month's theme. It'll be February in less then 3 hours, and you know what that means! (Probably not because I haven't told a soul...) It's Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1 Month! I'll review each individual episode of Book 1 over the course of the month. See you when I'm 19. Laters.

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