Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-Hit List

Hit List is a Legend of Zelda High School AU Fanfic, which may sound familiar. I reviewed a fanfic of similar content, The Stuff of Legends, a while ago. but these two fics are as different as night and day. While both fics are for the most part (Excluding SoL's FUCKING AWFUL ENDING) in the modern world, Hit List is far more realistic. When shit goes down, it goes down is the most realisticly fucked up way possible.

So what's the plot? This follows the story of Link and his friends, who are normal high schoolers. However, today is no normal day. Ganondorf Dragmire has just got out from juvy. He and his group of delinquents are going to go Columbine on this school, and it's up to our Hero in a green jacket to save the day.

Don't give up yet. As I said earlier, with a couple of exceptions later on, this fic is brutally realistic. The dialogue is pretty damn good, both entertaining and familiar to what we hear in everyday life. My favorite part of it is definitely the characters. The cast is diverse, and I ended up liking pretty much everyone. Not much to say here, but this is pretty damn good. I'd say that if you ignore SoL's ending, the two fics are equally epic. A huge recommendation to any Zelda fan. Laters.

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