Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Animation Outside Japan-Young Justice (Up to now)

              The problem with talking about Young Justice is twofold. The first is that it just plain isn't done yet. Hell, the first season isn't even done yet. So we're talking about an unfinished painting, reviewing a sketch still to be inked. The second is that people will undoubtedly compare it to Teen Titans. I will state the truth now: I loved Teen Titans. I grew up with it, and it remains one of my favorite superhero cartoons ever. However, I like Young Justice better so far. Young Justice isn't just more serious, but yes it is that, it is not humorless as people claim. It still has quite a bit of humor to it, it's just that it isn't the wacky humor from Teen Titans. And while I enjoyed that style as a kid, now I find myself drifting off on the silly episodes, only paying attention on the serious ones. The humor of Young Justice is more dry, subtle, and based on characters and word play. I love how they make it more realistic.

          I've heard several people claim that the main cast is 2-dimensional and boring...and I couldn't disagree more. They start out a little flat, but they develop a ton over time. And I respect that a lot. Especially Superboy, who slowly got over his angst (thank god). Especially with one of the newest epsiodes, the characters and their psyches are great and fascinating. This isn't the basic bullshit TV always does, it's complex and fucked-up. It isn't easy things that you just realize and it's gone, it's serious psychological issues, and they're dealt with realistically.

         Does this show have anything to do with the titular comic series? With the exception of the newest episode "Secret", no. But it's better than the comic. It's a damn good cartoon, and more people would watch it if it would stop going into hiatus over and over again! Seriously, if you can't do a continuous season, wait longer and get it all done! Oh well. This show rocks hard, and I seriously recommend it to all the cartoon and comic fans out there. Laters.

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