Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Character Study-Katara

              Katara is another weird character to discuss. She is, I'm pretty sure, the least popular member of the Gaang. Is she my least favorite member? Yeah. But is she a bad character? No. She's strong willed, motherly, playful, moral, uptight, and will go out of her way to help the helpless. She doesn't change much over the course of both the season and the show, and for good reason. Who she is a complex, and at times troublesome, but it's more a help than a hindrance, so she really doesn't need to change. Something is partly revealed this season that is prominent in both the next seasons, but I won't discuss it until next season. (If I remember then. Someone remind me then!)

           Katara is played byMae Whitman. You may remember her as Roxy from Scott Pilgrim! Seriously, I just found this out and screw everything else she did, that is awesome. Oh, and she was Lisa Miller in Scott Pilgrim VS the Animation. (Which they should just redo as the whole series, like 4 episodes a book. PLEASE?) She is really good, and makes Katara who she is. The soft voice that easily becomes annoyed, enraged, and scary, and is most memorable as those last three, works great.

          Katara is a pretty easy character to map out. She's White. No second color, just White. She's moral as all hell, compassionate, quick-to-judge, inflexible, and great for the healings.

          Overall, Katara is a really good character, but in the way she works with the others and the story, not so much one who you watch the show for or is very often a personal favorite.

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