Monday, February 20, 2012

Retrospective-Avatar: the Airbender Book 1, Chapter 6-Imprisoned

               I have never really understood why this episode is so damn popular. It's one of the most played on TV, and was even one of the few adapted into the movie. My guess is a combination of: Haru and the first hint of Kutara, though I think hint is the wrong ward, accident is better. I'm not dissing the plot, I think it's decent. Some of the later scenes are great, and I like how it plays with the typical escape scenario. But the first half or so is kinda dull to me. The only thing that really stands out is the afformentioned plot goodness, and George Takei as the villain. Seriously, that man turned a one-off throwaway character into a memorable adversary. Overall, an average episode. (Also, yes this is the 100th post. I had something more special planned but technical difficulties arose.) Laters.

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