Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Retrospective-Avatar: the Airbender Book 1, Chapter 14-The Fortuneteller

                     This is, in my opinion, another overplayed episode. I'm pretty sure it's mostly a personal thing, because I don't think it's a bad episode at all. My problem is that I am on Sokka's side of things 100% this episode, and the rest of the cast makes me rage. I'd like it better, but at the end when he points out that if there is actually any for of fate, it only works because people do not consider it and act on other stimuli, the villagers are like, "So what she was still right." That really pisses me off. And I'm not sure what message the creators are setting up here.The villagers are portrayed very dumb, so it might be behind Sokka, but it also gives the villagers the last word. I don't know. Seriously though, I have had moments like Sokka does here in reality, especially because my mother believes that everything that happens was meant to for some purpose, which I think is bullshit. Oh well, the rage is vented. See, that is why blogs are good. They're great for venting pent-up anger.

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