Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Character Study-Sokka

              I've really been looking forward to this. Sokka is by far my favorite character in the show. He has some of the best lines, is an interesting and flawed character, and is an amazing example of a badass normal. Sokka is intelligent, logical, proud, and a warrior. Over the season he learns the war is not as black-and-white as it seemed, though he still bears a large grudge against the Fire Nation. He also realizes how much of a creative mind he is later in the season, which I like quite a bit. Oddly enough, Sokka was originally going to only be in the beginning, and be much more serious a character. However, his voice actor made him so funny that they gave him more funny lines, and the fans and creators alike grew attached to him, so they made him a main character.

           Speaking of his voice actor, the man is Jack De Sena, a comedian. The only thing I recognize him from on his IMDB page is he was Jimmy Olsen on The Batman. I wouldn't know that because I jumped that show early on like the white chick of the Titanic. The guy should get more work, his job as Sokka is great, and probably a large reason why the character is so well-loved and relatable.

          Sokka, obviously, fits in with the rest of his tribe in color. But that isn't Blue. Sokka and his tribe's main color is White. Sokka is a bastion of order, a main staple of White. It also works mechanically, because Waterbending can heal (Damage prevention and/or lifegain) and is very defensive in fighting. Sokka is Blue too, his creativity and intellictual streak show in that, but his main color is White.
         Sokka is an awesome character, relatable to most nerds in a lot of ways, and just plain cool. He doesn't develop much over the seasons, but I'll track what does develop.

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