Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My new feelings in general about Doctor Who

              I've been mulling over how I feel about New Who for a while, and have come to a consensus. I enjoy every Doctor, and feel that each has something to enjoy about them, and it all comes down to preference to which one is your favorite. I'll still stick with 9 as my favorite, but that's me. I have come to realize why so many hate Rose Tyler and Russel T Davies so much. For Rose, it's not that you don't like her acting, but that you don't like where her character went and her lack of general development. I can definitely see that. But to me, for the most part, the companions are a vessel used to see the Doctor in universe. Rose served her function unobtrusively for the most part, so I didn't mind. The reason you don't like Russel T. Davies it twofold. His stories can be predictable, his endings lame, and his general storyarchs lacking. And when you compare him to Steven Moffat, which everyone invariably does, he comes up very short. These are all true. I didn't notice before mostly because I love the acting in his episodes. But what many of you overlook is this: he is good at writing dialogue, or at least I enjoy it; if it wasn't for his efforts bringing the show back, Moffat wouldn't be writing the show because it wouldn't be on the air; and if he hadn't pulled so many new fans like me into the show, Series 5 and 6 wouldn't have had the budget and allowance that made them so fucking cool. Ultimately what I'm saying is I see why you general fans have your views. However, I will never say I hate Rose Tyler because I don't, and I won't call RTD a hack writer because I liked quite a few of his episodes. I love all the Doctors and all the Companions, and all the episodes. (Except Time of the Angels & Flesh and Stone, fuck them.) Saying which ones I enjoy more is not saying I dislike the others. You don't need to knock RTD down to raise up Moffat, nor knock on Smith's acting to renew faith in Tennet. (Seriously, how can you not like 11?) So...yeah. That's what I've come to. And stuff. Laters.

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