Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sore Fingers-Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

                     This is easily the most divisive game of the entire series. About half the fandom love it, and about half don't. Where does my opinion lie? Well, if you've paid any attention to me anywhere else, it's the former. It is actually my favorite game in the series thus far, which for me is really saying a lot. I love the characters, the dialogue, the story, everything. So why don't others like it? Well, it really seems to come down to two things. The first is Apollo himself, who many do not like. Why? My theory is that they're just pissed that somepony took Phoenix's limelight. Well grow up! Series evolve, and another game with Phoenix would have been good still, but it wouldn't be as good for the franchise as this. This was the series letting time progress, and bringing in new faces. I think Apollo is a great successor to Phoenix, and it's hard for me to pick which one I like better. The second reason is how much was changed. The series only kept a few characters from the previous games, and the ones they did (except the Judge) were changed dramatically from how they used to be. Ponies consider what happened to Phoenix and Ema as derailment, and bad writing. I couldn't disagree more. Phoenix's change makes sense, considering what happened between games. I find it cool that he's learned to not be so uptight, and has decided that life is easier when you don't make so many enemies. Ema's change feel very natural to me. Somepony so bright-eyed and idealistic, with such lofty goals, is easily brought down to Earth by harsh realities. Plus, you see pieces of her old self underneath all the old skepticism, mostly whenever SCIENCE is involved.

                   Overall, I see the points others make, and I can't dispute them. That is how they felt while playing the game, and nothing I say or type will change that. However, I got a different experience from it. For me, Apollo Justice is a witty, clever, fun game, and deserves more respect. It is highly recommended, even to those new to the series. (Knowledge of previous games is no problem, really.)

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