Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Impressions-Rookies

                      Stallion, it is so hard to open a new tab to post this. I am on the 61st chapter of this manga, and I started it at like 6pm. I am tearing through this thing. Goddamn you Benzaie, recommending great manga! It's about this awesome teacher, who is tasked with turning a bunch of thug high-schoolers into a baseball team. It's funny, heartwarming, inspiring as hell, and it really makes you give a crap. I'm in the middle of their first game, and I get swept up in the game like the characters do. I absolutely love this manga so far. I haven't gotten into one in so long, it's a fresh of breath air. Wait, strike that, reverse it. Read this, immediately. BACK TO MY READING!

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