Monday, February 6, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-More Than Human

                 Does anyone remember these three little badasses?

                If you grew up in the 90's, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Don't try and deny it! Even us boys loved it, though we never admitted it at the time. It was funny, lovable, and composed of at least 70% win. The problem lies in the realm of fanfiction. Many fandoms have one type of fanfic that for one reason or another takes up a very large percentage of the fanfiction. In the case of the PPG, it is one that goes, "Powerpuffs are teenagers now. They go to highschool. They hook up with Rowdyruff Boys." And, like 90-95% of all fanfiction, it sucks. It's misspelled, and if it isn't it's just droll, soulless, and cliche. It was so common, the creators made a passing joke about it in an episode!

             However, one day a good writer, called SBJ looked at all the bad fanfics using this premise and said, "Why can't I use this premise to write a good story?" And thus More Than Human  was born. This story is hilarious, touching, sad, awesome, and fucked-up. It is not a fast, easy relationship upgrade. Each chapter is longer than most fanfics, and it still isn't done yet. It is slow, steady, and amazing. Easily one of the best fanworks I've ever seen. Read here at your leisure. Until next time, laters.

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